Which materials ?

On this page you will be able to discover different types of materials used and their advantage according to each room of your house. 


Aluminium is a light metal perfect for your kitchen. This metal is pleasant when touching it, malleable and gives a elegant touch to your room. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information and details about the type of aluminium we use !

Customized measurements.






Stainless steel

For your splashbacks we use a particular type of stainless steel.

This type is resistant to corrosion, to temperature changes, to water, to cooking fats and oils, and so on. Moreover, this steel alloy is hygienic and sustainable. Maybe you’ll choose this material for your splashback. 

Customized measurements.






Electro-galvanized steel

The material is not well-known but as effective as stainless steel. It is resistant to heat and cooking fats and oils. With this high quality steel, your splashback will not rust !

Customized measurements.